From the past a commitment to the future

Since many years MEPRA cares about the health of workers and the environment and sustainable use of environmental resources, often decades ahead of European regulations on labor and environment. Mepra invests and focus on safer and safer equipments, looking for materials and auxiliary products less and less dangerous, to guarantee safety and health of the workers as well as the community within which it operates.

In the early 80s of last century, the washing equipment, previously based on chlorinated solvents, are entirely replaced by automatic systems that use water-based washing tunnels. In the same period the hand operated cutlery cleaning and polishing machineries, are replaced by continuous loop automatic machines, equipped with suction pumps and dust abatement equipement. In the '90s, MEPRA, more and more careful about the environment, converts washing systems previously using water-based degreasing solutions that were filtered and discharged into the sewers, into equipments that recycle
the wastewaters by filtering and re-pumping them in the washing cycle without any waste in sewage plants.

MEPRA in 1999 with an innovative spirit is projected into the future, adopting a high-tech energy system, a cogeneration system is in fact installed. It uses natural gas as clean fuel, electricity can be generated for internal use, it re-uses the heat generated from electricity production in production cycles and also for heating the plant during the winter, in order to drastically reduce carbon emissions. MEPRA categorically rejects all forms of child labor and invest every day to offer the new generations a better future, working with universities and secondary schools in the local community to train managers and technicians of the future and to carry-on work culture, values and skills that represent one of the characteristics of the industrial district in which the company operates.